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My goal in life is to make a difference in someone else's.

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Anonymous asked: Is your friend lauren still in existence?! I remember you guys from xanga! I remember lauren being super relatable and I used to browse her tumblr every chance I got but I can't find her anymore!

Yes she is! She recently just changed her url though. I am always hesitant to give her url out to an anon though because she has received a lot of hate in the past. I am not assuming you would do that, but I never know if my followers might and end up sending hate. However, I will tell you if you want to find her, look through my recent posts. She is doing really well though, she has a new boyfriend in her life and seems very happy.

P.S. If you remember us from xanga you have been around a long time haha (:

Anonymous asked: Do you know of any blogs that are newer to relationship/love blog theme? I just recently got into a relationship and I want a blog I can relate to but I'm not really at the stage of being in love love but thought I'd ask you (: by the way I love your blog always will and always have x

I don’t know that many off the top of my head, I am sorry love. I know falling-deeperinlove is in the talking/crush stage currently and enamoredd currently has a crush, those are the only one I know of. Most of the people I know on here that run love/relationship blogs have been in one for a while. Don’t let that discourage you though. If you are looking for more love blogs to follow in general you can check out my favorites here or anyone here

Thank you so much for the sweet compliments as well (:

If you are NEWLY in a relationship and have love/relationship posts, please like this post so the anon can check your blog out. 

Anonymous asked: I was also actually wondering if you knew of any recovery blogs from eating disorders? Even if they still struggle. I need some positivity or relatable things on my dash

Hey darling, I still follow some recovery blogs (not all are specifically from ED but many of them are) and I am still an admin on an ED recovery blog, so here are some you may like:


If you want to find more you can always look under the “ed recovery” tag (: