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Anonymous asked: You lived in Scotland?! Oh my gosh, I'm jealous! What was it like? :)

Yes, I lived there for 4 years. It was amazing and wonderful. I absolutely loved it there. It is a beautiful country, with a lot of greenery and ruins. Extremely historic, at least compared to where I was from in the USA. It was a very safe country and I am glad I was immersed in their culture. I learned a lot there, both through experience and school. Their food was good. I can’t comment on the alcohol because I was underage haha. The weather was always mild. The summers never got too hot and the winters rarely got extremely cold. During the summer it would be light for about 18 hours per day, and then in the winter it would only be light for about 6. The people were so friendly. My family traveled a lot when we lived there which was also a wonderful experience.

I have been saddened though to hear about the riots that have been occurring in Glasgow. Scotland was always a peaceful and safe country when I was there. It is a shame that the referendum caused so much uproar and chaos. 

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