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Guess it is the time for me to rant again about something publicly that could have been avoided if someone had the decency to talk to me privately.

So as some of you may or may not know, there is a blog called “diaryofamumblr” where mumblrs on tumblr go to post things they “like” or “dislike” about other mumblrs. The sidebar on the blog clearly states that the admins of the blog will not respond to posts and any hate towards the blog will be deleted.

Well, if any of y’all read my rant the other day about anon hate, it was directed towards this blog. I kindly sent a message stating that this blog has turned into a hate blog and that people should think twice about posting. I also asked the administrators why no hate directed towards the blog would be tolerated but hate posted about specific individuals was okay? My ask was never posted and instead a text post by an admin was posted stating that any asks stating “imagine if this was being said about you” or “this blog is wrong” would be deleted. I reported the blog but nothing came of it.

So today I was informed by thedaysofforever (who the mumblr community loves to hate) that my name was brought up in a text post. The specific post was:

"Looks like tdof & aqnk are starting a cult with mrsyousofxo, because we really need more dumb bitches uniting. Oh and who is this noregretsjust-love chick always defending tdof? She must be as dumb as tdof if she thinks its okay to support such a bitch. On another note, i just found lovingbabyashton’s blog and it is pretty sweet! Thought I would add some positive to balance out the negative."

And in addition, there was a response by the admin stating this:

"haha, Please tell me they are not uniting… -.- And yes, anyone who supports tdof is very uneducated and just wants to look cool for sticking up for someone everyone hates."

Now, of course I was slightly hurt but mostly because I did not want to ever be dragged into this “mumblr drama” since I am not a mother, nor have affiliated with pretty much any of the blogs mentioned on this blog. Additionally, I hate when people make assumptions about me without even knowing me. But then I got pissed because the administrator of the blog explicitly responded to this post calling me “uneducated” and stating that I was trying to “look cool” where the blog explicitly states “We will not post our opinions in replying to you.”

So I kindly sent a message off anonymous stating that I am highly educated. I am a 23 year old with a master’s degree in clinical psychology, I do not defend or talk to Courtney to look cool, and I would appreciate it if the admins of the blog do not make assumptions about me (such as calling me uneducated) without knowing me. I also asked that if someone has a problem with me to kindly talk to me about it in my ask rather than posting anonymously on this blog. However, just like the last time I kindly sent them a message, it was not posted. I know they have seen the message, because posts have been made since then.

I don’t expect the admins of that blog to read this post but I feel like I need to make a few things clear.

  • I do not support anything they are doing with that blog. I know for a fact that the admins pick and choose what posts they are going to publish, they have admitted it and I know first hand that not everything is published. As much as they want to deny it, it has turned into a hate blog, and I am honestly terribly sad that tumblr support has not shut it down yet.
  • I would never say anything negative about mumblrs on here or who are mentioned on that blog, strictly because I have not interacted with them. How can I hold a negative opinion or hate someone I have never spoken to in my life?
  • Yes, I defend Courtney, but only when I agree with her or disagree with the anon hate she is getting. Unlike many people who consistently send her hate, I have grown to know Court on a personal level. She is a bright and independent woman. She is going to speak her mind and not take crap from anyone. If she receives hate, she will deal with it and give it directly back to the person. I honestly admire her for being so bold and speaking her mind. Does she post controversial things? Of course. Do I agree with every single thing she posts? Absolutely not. But that does not make me better of a person than her. If I lived my life only seeking out people that agree with everything I said I would be one lonely person. I respect her difference of opinion and she respects mine. That is how you gain friends; not by agreeing with everything one another says/believes, but by respecting one another. If she posts something I do not like or do not agree with it, I ignore it. There is no point in starting an argument, seriously, what is the benefit of that? I also don’t think that many people realize that if Courtney did not have to deal with all the constant shit and anon hate she gets she probably wouldn’t come off as such a bitch. There is only so much a person can take. People can either go cry about it or retaliate with words to the anon that spoke first. She posts opinions on her blog. HER BLOG. Each and every one of us have a blog where we can express our own feelings. That is what she is doing. Do some of her feelings and opinions come across as rude? Probably. But does that mean people need to start jumping down her throat for it? No. If people just learned to ignore things there wouldn’t be this problem. 

If you are still with me, thank you for reading this all. I sincerely apologize if I come off as rude. I tried to be kind and respectful, but ignoring my two asks, in addition to running a blog full of hate, rapidly dwindles the respect I may have had for these anonymous administrators. I just wish people could me more mature, had the decency to directly contact anyone they had a negative opinion of rather than posting it on a blog, and leave people who are not “mumblrs” out of this so called “mumblr blog.”

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